Wild Coconut Butter | A Delicious and Unique Keto Superfood by Wild Foods Co

– Hello Wildlings. Colin Stuckert here. Founder and CEO Wild Foods Co. In the Wild studio out
here in Austin, Texas. And today, I’m introducing
Wild Coconut Butter. This stuff is, I mean it’s just awesome. It’s a product that I’ve
used from various companies and whether on the shelf or on Amazon or wherever over the years and
the consistency from product to product was always different. Like some coconut manna, is
another word that’s used, or coconut butter, sometimes
it’s really rock solid, sometimes it’s got a
lot of oil on the top, it doesn’t mix as well. And there’s just a lot of variation in the quality of coconut flesh, which is basically what
this is, coconut butter, is the flesh of the coconut. that also has coconut oil in it and so the thing about Wild Coconut Butter that I’m super proud of is while there is a little bit of the coconut
oil on the top here, when you get in down here
into the coconut butter, it is still smooth and creamy
and not hard as a rock. And so some other brands, the oil will kind of seep to the top and so once you kind of
scrape out of the top and use a lot of the
coconut oil on the top, it gets really hard and gets harder and harder as you go down to the point where you gotta take a spoon and you know get shavings out. This stuff is the creamiest, just most delicious coconut
butter on the market. And of course I’m bias,
but like as a consumer, I frickin love this stuff. I literally will take some cashew butter, some of this and just eat it like that. Eat it right out of the jar, you can cook with it, it’s really great in smoothies or like a butter coffee, for example. You want just something
with a little bit of fatty flavor and thickness
and a little bit of coconut. Throw that in there, it really
helps thicken up smoothies is another good use for it and it’s got like the
medium chain triglycerides, which everyone knows are great. And it’s got all the benefits of coconut and coconut oil and you know regardless of all the fear mongering
nonsense that you’ve heard about coconut oil, complete and utter BS. Coconut oil, coconut fat is still one of the most nutritious and
healthiest oils that a human being can consume. Coconut is still a miracle
ingredient from nature. It is organic certified,
small batch, small farmers. Just awesome, awesome product
that we’re super proud of. So go ahead and get yours at WildFoods.co. Use code WILDCEO for 12%
off your entire order and if you ever have any
questions or comments, shoot us an email to [email protected] or drop a comment below. Thanks for watching.

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